PFC Dick Simmons (sycophanticdick) wrote,
PFC Dick Simmons

001- Action Post

[ Simmons was, by habit, an early riser, but no amount of habit could turn him into a morning person, not without a nigh-unhealthy amount of coffee. He grumbled into his pillow as he slowly drifted into consciousness and simultaneously tried to figure out exactly why something felt so... off. Simmons pushed his face farther into the pillow as he tried to make sense of the feeling when it hit him.

It was the pillow itself that was wrong. It was soft and comfortable and completely unlike sleeping on a rock! Confused, Simmons lifted himself onto his elbows and along the way, his arm brushed against what was definitely another person. That was about when his reaction upgraded from confusion to panic.

He rolled away as fast as he could, catching a glimpse of what was definitely a brown-haired woman--why was he in bed with a woman he'd never met?--before rolling straight off the edge of the bed with a loud and undignified squawk. ]
Tags: family, jill (jillsandwiches), narrative, npcs, relm (rainbowbrush)
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