PFC Dick Simmons (sycophanticdick) wrote,
PFC Dick Simmons


[ Private; hard to hack ]

I'm not sure what to think about these letters. I stayed inside the whole time that beach was there, does that really count as "participating"? I guess this is better than the hangovers we got after the beer faucets, but it's still kind of weird. We got punished for one and then rewarded for the other. Talk about mixed signals.

That is, if it's really a reward. Major General Sears lost his eye, but Jill got that uniform back. What to do what to do what to do....

...I guess it can't hurt to look.

[ Some time later; Public ]

God, it's so good to see this armor again. I don't think I'll have much use for it here, but it's reassuring to have it anyway. A gun or two might've been more reassuring, but one thing at a time, right?

((Residents of or visitors to the Simmons household will likely notice that the man of the house has taken over the dining room table and is quite contentedly and very thoroughly checking over his armor. This is probably the happiest anyone in Mayfield's ever seen him.))
Tags: asura (idkeatinmybff), favors, jill (jillsandwiches), relm (rainbowbrush)
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